Composition du groupe / Band Members

Bluegrass Deluxe

Philippe Bony
(Mandoline, Voix)
Claude Rossat
(Banjo, Voix)
Jean-Marie Troupeau
(Guitare, Voix)
Gérard Vandestoke
(Contrebasse, Voix)

Contact : Claude Rossat
rue Bon Gravier
01370 Treffort
04 74 42 33 80

9 commentaires:

eltofdelparis a dit…

alors, je serai le premier ... à commenter mes amis de longues dates, des potes de toujours, des musiciens hors pairs. je ne gagne à cela que l'espoir de rester leur ami. La '8 ball" est dans votre camp !

Bluegrass Deluxe a dit…

Merci beaucoup, Tof. Vous en êtes un autre !

Anonyme a dit…

Merci d'avoir un blog interessant

AZ Jones a dit…

hello my french friend. very nice music! Do you ever play in the United States? Are these some of the same players that were on the Moonshine videos playing with Peter Rowan? If you would like to share some of your music on my blog Arizona Jones, I would be honored to do so. If so contact me at

Have a blessed day
AZ Jones

Remember, Without Love In the Dream It Will never Come True

Bluegrass Deluxe a dit…

AZ Jones, thank you for the kind words! The double bass player, Gérard, and me are members of Moonshine too! It was a great honor to share the scene with Peter, an artist we love since tke "Muleskinner" days...
Our banjo player, Claude lived and studied (South Plains College, Texas)in the US a few years, but the band never played in your country.
Someday ?

AZ Jones a dit…

You should come. Try contacting various blugrass festivals and clubs. get them examples of your music and see if you can get paid to play. Then you could have a paid vacation. I think you are good enough and the novelty of having a band come all the way from France to their festival of venue could help.

Again the offer to post a good live recording on my blog to build a following in advance. I would be honored. But I understand if you don't as well.

AZ Jones a dit…

There is a Flagstaff bluegrass festival called "Pickin In The Pines" and a Sedona Bluegrass Festival that are near me in Arizona. Try contacting them. Along with the many other festivals across the country.

Anonyme a dit…


Je vous ai vu à Hauteville, revue avec plaisir à Craponne et par la même occasion découvert le bluegrass et j'adore.
Ne changez rien, et surtout que Gérard conserve son humour (ou j'avoue je suis fan)
A bientot de pouvoir écouter le 1er CD
une fant inconnue

Bluegrass Deluxe a dit…

Merci! C'est bien agréable d'avoir une "fan", même inconnue...